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The Revolutionary Snackeez!

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  In her Snackeez review on Mummy’s Little Stars, Fiona says she thinks Snackeez is “revolutionary” way to keep your drinks and snacks together, and her daughter would certainly seem to agree! “My... READ MORE

Celebrate Dad this Year with Snackeez!

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Happy Father’s Day from Snackeez!  Celebrate “dear ole’ Dad” this year by giving him his very own all-in-one Snackeez cup. Dad will absolutely love having this all-in-one, go anywhere snack solution!  Snackeez allows... READ MORE

Snackeez: It’s a Hit!

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Lara, of LaraBeeUK, has been blogging for years and she recently blogged about her family’s experiences with Snackeez. Lara begins by expressing her appreciation for any product that can help make her life... READ MORE

A Snackeez for Every Occasion!

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  Wendy (from Spectrum of Life) says trying to juggle your children’s snacks and drinks while travelling in a car can be difficult.  “Don’t you wish that you could give your children one... READ MORE